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Can you believe the size of that necklace?

Improved Privacy Controls

Improved Privacy Controls, originally uploaded by andisheh.

Inspired by Facebook, Christi and I put "Improved Privacy Controls" on our unborn daughter's bedroom windows.

Don't Panic, Atlanta print edition, 2001-2010

Though I sincerely think my Don't Panic column's content will improve once it moves totally online, I'm still a little verklempt to be saying goodbye to my little patch of real estate in the print edition.

But not so sad that I wasted a good beer. This was a 2 year-old Beck's light no one was going to drink.

Response to Erickson's nonsensical RedState post attacking me

RedState won't let me post a response to Erick Erickson's absurd comment about me, so I'll post it here for now.


For the record, Erick, I wasn't defending Obama skipping Memorial Day. I'd prefer he go. I just don't confuse my preference with moral imperative.

I was instead pointing that your 2nd tweet on the subject earlier today was circular gibberish designed to score a cheap political point, at the expense of coherence.

Said you:

"Diff b/w Reagan and Bush not going to Tomb and Obama? No one questioned their support for soldiers and belief in American Exceptionalism." about 8 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

That's an amazing feedback loop you've set up. Reagan and Bush were allowed to skip the ceremony, and avoid your scrutiny, because GOP pundits didn't invent any absurd "questions" about their "support" for troops. Obama has to attend to answer the "someone" (translation: YOU) who questions his support for troops.

You're the one using dead American soldiers as props. You're the one using Obama's ceremonial proximity to their remains to score points.

That's all well and good. No one expects any better of you anymore. But don't pretend your shrieks are a coherent argument.

Mother's Day in Decatur

Mother's Day in Decatur, originally uploaded by andisheh.

Don't Panic - read aloud to you!

Another pander to all the lazy, don't-wanna-read people.

This week's Don't Panic Podcast 'splains why South Korea hasn't invaded North Korea.

Listen to it now, why don't you?

Happy birthday to sweet, hairy babies Mathilde and Sarah